Valentines and freebies

So, I went to Target after Christmas and saw that they already had their Valentines out.  Hummmm seems that either time is going by way too quickly or I in my mind are slowing down.   But, either way it got me to thinking about new designs for Rhyan's Valentines Day cards.  So, I decided to get a jump on the game also and design and order her cards.

Here are a few of my designs well really Rhyan's :-) 

I have ordered mine through Moo cards because the "to and from"  can be the fronts and the designs then are separated to give you a total of 50 cards (enough for some mistakes).    I enjoy designing these for her each year as she always knows and enjoys helping me make them for her plus she knows no one else will have any the same. 

Last year I gave a way a lot of the designs and yes this year I will also.  You don't have to go through Moo cards you can print these on plain card stock and cut them out or you can also use Avery business cards template and products.  Either way they will work for  your project. 

Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment on what you would like to see more of.