The colorful and delicate world of the Tulip

Well as you read though my thoughts and rambling you will find that I just adore the details of the Tulips and this year was a GREAT year for the Tulips in my area (Washington, Michigan).   

I haven't seen the texture and colors of these beauties stand out like this in my previous years.   I visited this location more than a handful of times trying to find the perfect light and background tones to show off their amazing beauty.   

I don't often do Black and Whites of flowers because let's face it we all want to see those amazing renewing colors in the Spring.   But, I found myself wanting a bit more edge and emotion for one in  particular... I hope you agree the beauty is quite emotion packed. 

Black and White Tulip

I showed this to one of my photographer friends and well of course we both needed to have a print ASAP.   So I ordered these in a Matte finish black and white and WOW I am so glad I did.   I can't wait for her to get her hands on her print I know I adore mine.   

I went to check on these about three days after taking these and of course the rain again... and wind.   This is what I found.   

Someone once said to me regarding these two particular images that it's a Tulip undressed and showing her stuff.   I think I may have to agree that the colors and beauty are all there with these two and the soft evening light sure did make her shine.  

Remember anything you may see on the blog or in the galleries you too can have in print and of course you never know exactly what will show up in the card shop with some of these beauties.  

Hope you have enjoyed my little tulip adventure.   Happy Happy Week !!!!!