Valentine's Day and something free

Wow... I can't believe that Valentine's Day is just around the corner already.   I know I said that with Christmas but, man oh man time is flying by too quickly it seems anymore.  

All my clients know that I adore making their custom Christmas, Birth Announcements, Birthday, and Engagement Cards.   Hence, I am going to be starting a new little side adventure along with "Mel" and her amazing calligraphy and making some pretty new and amazing products.   You will find on the home page a new tab "Products" under that will be typography and custom designs for business professionals, cards for most every occasion and some pretty amazing one of
a kind custom designs, calligraphy and all handmade with love by "Mel". 

But to start the kick off to this.... since Rhyan and I were talking the other day about Valentine's Day and what she wanted in a card and well we weren't able to find what she wanted so hence Gigi broke out all the stops and let her create her own.   Well... now let's face it a business card size can only hold so many elements to her design but all in all she did amazing.  


But, for all you busy Mom's and followers of the blog I am offering a FREE download of 5 very simple little designs.   These can be printed on the Avery Business cards sized 2x3 inches or you can (if you are crafty at Word) probably print them on cardstock and cut them out.   I have left a little room at the tops and the sides for a hole punch for you to attach a little goodie bag if you choose and left the back blank for your child to complete with their amazing little signatures.   

Here is the DropBox download link for all 5 but, you can choose which one you would like.  

Please, please leave me a comment or two if you have used this and if you like it.   If so I will be adding more little cards for your enjoyment from time to time. 

Thank you all once again for sharing in my little but pretty amazing to me adventures.