Mother's Day "freebie" printable

We want to first Thank You ALL for the amazing kindness and support with the first freebie download for the month of May and of course the response to the new store opening.   It's been a huge success and we want to hear more from you as time goes on as to what you would like to see more of.

So, for Mother's Day last year we offered a free digital wallpaper and this year we posted on Facebook what you would like to see and your votes counted (well, your likes)!!!!!  And we designed a card just for you... it's rather general so that it would fit most of your needs for your Mother's Day celebrations. 

Here is the sample of what the card will look like (minus the watermark of course).   



To print this we recommend you taking a typical 8.5x11.0" paper and cut it to a 7x10 (this way it will print out as a 5x7 card for you).    The graphics of this card work best with cardstock, heavier resume paper or even photo paper the choice is yours.   The size is what is more important.  Otherwise,  the 1/2 fold card won't be the size that it was meant to be.   This has been sized and designed to be printed as a 5x7 (which the paper size on your printer will probably have to be changed to custom (7x10) in order for it to be printed properly.    That is about all that you should have to do. 

1.   Download this!  ClickHere  Do not screen capture this as the resolution will not be correct (some tried that with the first download and couldn't figure out why it didn't print properly).     You will need to fill out your information and place the word "none" in the customization box but you will and can bypass the credit card information since it's a freebie of course . 

2.   Cut the 8.5x11" paper to a 7x10"

3.   Set your printer paper size preference to custom and change that to a 7x10" paper.

4.   Away you go to your custom designed card. 

And but of course you may contact us if you have any questions on the printing.   :-)

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did designing it for you all!!!  


Wonderful Happy Mother's Day to you special ladies!!!