Life got busy but HELLO 2017!!!

Hello, World!

I will admit, I am a horrible writer and now I will add horrible at keeping up with my blogs.   

Yes, there I said it.  

So, if you are following me because of my wonder words, made up words or even my horrible grammar and punctuation; then you have found me.  

I have a friend that has been trying her best to train me for a few years now about my punctuation.   Sorry Jane,  I have let you down.   I haven't retained much.   haha

Life has been very crazy this year for us all it seems.  By the many conversations that I have had here and there even with strangers they have all felt the pressure on this year, more so than any other year.   I am hoping that we all find a way to slow down and enjoy the daily adventures and treasures that are right in front of us every day.   I know that is part of my New Year's resolution.  

I have had some amazing adventures with Mother Nature, Amazing clients and all those wonderful smiles and giggles, and some very unexpected accomplishments and publications.

So, yes I have been busy but, I also feel that I may have let some of you down by not staying current.   I apologize.     

Here's to a New Year of challenges, adventures, fails, bumps and scrapes (well that is what most my years are full of).    But, most of all STOP, LOOK, FEEL and ENJOY what is in front of you!!!!!  

Thank you ALL for a wonderful 2016!!!!!