It's fresh, it's new and we are EXCITED

It's fresh, it's new, and well... we think pretty exciting!    

We being myself and Mel (as some of you know, this is my daughter).  She is amazingly crafty and talented with re-purposing and wooden signs, beautiful calligraphy, lettering and illustrations (she can be followed on Instagram @thisgirlscrafty).  

We decided to collaborate on this project about a year ago.    It's taken most the winter to fine tune it and get it to the point that we liked and felt the ease of ordering and requests were simplified.    Now mind you, we still have been working out some little bugs here and there with our start to finish and delivery methods.   But we are VERY happy to say we are just about there.  So we are now officially in countdown mode!    It won't be long....  and yes there will be a special Grand Opening discount code for you all to use to try the new products.  :-)

Some of you (mostly my family) know that I have always enjoyed sharing my photography in cards and special notes.    Those have become quite popular even with my portrait clients as I have always enjoyed making their Christmas, Birth Announcements and Special occasion cards for years.

Those that follow me on Instagram @Impromptuphotography , here on the site and on Facebook enjoy seeing the nature that surrounds us daily in my sharing.   Some of you have asked that I start to share more and in a material way and a way of sampling my art.  I have developed a method to do just that and with a quality that I am even happy with (and those that know me know I am pretty picky).  You will be able to even frame the art as a high quality print which can be really fun in making a wall display out of them.  

These are just a few little samples.  


We would love to know your thoughts!   So, please... don't hesitate to drop a me a message or comment within the blog.   We would truly love to know what you would like to see or what you would like more of!