Set of 5 Color Cast Correction Actions

Woman in the City AFTER.jpg
Woman in the City BEFORE.jpg
Woman in the City AFTER.jpg
Woman in the City BEFORE.jpg

Set of 5 Color Cast Correction Actions


This is a set of 5 actions for removing color casts that are on skin or any types of images you may have that have color casts upon them. They will help you with green, yellow, red, grey and blue color casts. You also have the ability to adjust your opacity to your liking.

Please take a moment and view the before and after as this particular image I have used 4 of the 5 actions on and there is also a video showing you the steps I have done in correcting them.
There is no cropping or other editing done to these other than this action.
Compatible with all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements   
There are videos on using this and different ways under the Actions Tutorials tab.  
Photography by: Nigel Alan Ong

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You may not simply change the layer names or make minor alterations and resell these actions as your own. 
You may not take elements from within the actions and resell or distribute these actions in whole or separately.  
Due to the nature of these digital products all sales are final, no refund will be given.   
A basic knowledge of Photoshop and or Photoshop Elements is need to work with these actions.  
By purchasing you are agreeing to the terms and service of this action which is legal binding.
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