Cindy Gillespie

Photos by: Impromptu Photography

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Hi my name is Cindy.   I am a custom lifestyle photographer based in Washington, Michigan.

I have had a passion for photography since I was young.   My Grandfather used to show images on a projector for every family gathering and I found myself in awe of the timeless beauty that was always displayed.  I also remember hiding in the slide closet looking through each one holding it ever so gently because they were his treasures.  

Those images still today are timeless....

That's what I love to do... freeze those stunning moments in time and print them. 

I adore my time living in the magical, mystical worlds of the little ones and to be accepted into their worlds is priceless to me.   Capturing
exactly who they are doing what they love to do.

The intimacy that has been shown to me through so many sessions leaves me breathless with the beauty from within each of my clients... it is a true
honor to me.

 As you know time slips by quite quickly and sometimes suddenly and there is nothing in this world that can duplicate the emotions of holding a printed

Once you start browsing through the site you will find that I have a love of nature also.   Those are what I personally refer to as "shooting for my heart and soul".   Those are my times to connect with the amazing beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis things and beauty that we forget to stop and see or notice.  Birds, weeds, flowers you name it, there is beauty in everything if we just take the time to look.